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National Flag of Ethiopia (Bandira - ባንዲራ) fridge magnet souvenir

National Flag of Ethiopia (Bandira - ባንዲራ) fridge magnet souvenir

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surprise a loved one with this exquisite National Flag of Ethiopia (Bandira - ባንዲራ) refrigerator magnet. Crafted with attention to detail, this magnet serves as the perfect souvenir, birthday gift, Christmas present, or decorative item for any occasion.

The magnet features a vibrant representation of Ethiopia's national flag, showcasing the rich colors and emblematic design. The flag, also known as "Bandira," holds significant cultural and historical meaning, making this magnet a meaningful symbol of Ethiopian heritage.

Constructed from durable rubber with a strong magnet, this high-quality magnet ensures long-lasting use and reliable adhesion to any magnetic surface. With its compact size of 2" x 1", it fits perfectly on refrigerators, magnetic boards, or any other magnetic display areas.

Whether you're an avid collector, a proud Ethiopian, or looking for a unique gift, this National Flag of Ethiopia refrigerator magnet combines aesthetic appeal and cultural significance in one delightful package. Add it to your cart now and embrace the beauty and symbolism of Ethiopia's national flag.

  • Materials: Rubber, Magnet
  • Dimension: 2" x 1"
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